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"Rudy" believe that a lot of people have seen it, this is an American movie, is roughly about one of Rudi's students through their own efforts, finally entered the University of Notre Dame football team, for this movie, I believe we have seen a lot of it, feeling the film is the most attractive place is Rudi amazing perseverance in the film, one of the reasons why I think this is the love of the audience.

Rudi was an ordinary man, small and poor, but very enthusiastic about the rugby game, dreaming of entering the legendary football team at the University of Notre Dame. When he was a teenager, he was a fan of a TV coach that trained the team to look like a devil.

But it's not so easy to go to the rugby team at University of Notre Dame. "This is an impossible thing." Almost everyone said to Rudi.

Yes, it is a man, a person with a little reason, will not hesitate to conclude that Rudi is impossible to become a student of University of Notre Dame. Only from the score, Rudi was defeated. Not to mention his economic situation. He barely passed, and in the class of citizenship, he thought of rugby and daze. The teacher didn't expect anything from him, or even satirize Rudi's behavior. "The problem of dreamers is that they are often not practitioners, but their achievements only exist in the brain, but when it comes to reality, they can't do it."

We will suffer a lot of attack and grievance on the way of pursuing the dream, and we must hold back the tears and cannot cry. There are so many people in your life that you will meet a lot of things. Some people may be very nice to you, but some people will hate you very much. So we can't let me feel depressed all the time because others hate me. Please remember a person to Hello, not that he has the obligation to be good to you. If a person is not good at you, you can't blame others, because others may also have others' thoughts. This is the real life. It's impossible to meet all of you, but you have to learn to adapt to everything in this real life.

And then to the understanding of friends, I feel is also described in this film is very clear, Rudi and his friends together, when Rudi said to his family when to enter the University of Notre Dame football team, the whole family all smiled, then let this little not to regard it as right, but the children in the dark heart determined to grow up to go to the University of Notre Dame, but when speaking of their own ideals and give him his friend, his friend will not laugh at him, gave him his birthday when refueling, specifically to buy him a University of Notre Dame Jersey to encourage him, but unfortunately, his friend died in an accident and he began his career as a student, there are a lot of reasons to stop the middle of his school, but because of his dedication touched by those people, until finally become the most dazzling Stadium A player.