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Red sensitive small eyes, small ears, a small hole oxygen naughty, and gray before the fin, dorsal and caudal fins to form a lively and lovely little dolphin, be clever and sensible.

Divided into rostral dolphins and porpoises two categories, beaked bottlenose dolphins usually have a beaklike snout, and stout body than porpoises slender. The beak dolphin is 250 centimeters large, and the blunt dolphin is rarely more than 2 meters. Only one dolphin is born for 10-11 months. When the young dolphin is born, the tail first comes out, because if the head first comes out, there will be a danger of drowning. As soon as the young dolphin was born, the mother pushed it out of the water and breathed the first air. Dolphins are very intelligent animals. Many scientists believe that dolphins are more intelligent than ape. Many people suspect that humans evolved from dolphins, because humans and dolphins have more fat, but ape and monkeys are few. They like a roaming, at speeds up to 40 km or more, they are not deep diving, diving time will not exceed 10 minutes. They are gentle in temperament, strong in memory, and feed on fish and shrimp. Dolphins can be close to human beings, and they do have a real rescue.

Dolphins and whales are mammals and cetaceans. But dolphins are smaller than whales, and their streamlined bodies look more like fish. The body of the dolphin has a spindle shaped, long pecked, unobvious forehead protuberance and obvious concave and convex between the forehead and the pecking. The dorsal fin and the limb fin are triangular, and the end is pointed. In this way, it is good for swimming, saving energy and fast. The dolphin's belly is white, the body is yellow on the side, and the back end is gray. The dolphin's speed is very fast, 40 kilometers per hour.

This is the amazing, interesting, intelligent dolphin that I like.